Our Vision

The vision is simple. create spaces that underscore why we live and work in Montana—while attracting the kind of companies that inspire each other to greatness.

Our wide-open office spaces are perfect for movers and shakers looking for something different than anything Bozeman has to offer. Through deliberate planning and design, we work to provide companies with the kind of environment that brings out their best work.

Along with creating great spaces, we pride ourselves on the great relationships we form. At the heart of the Bridge District is a dedication to providing tenants with exceptional attention and service. From meticulously selecting our tenants to our transparent billing process, our constant focus is on your satisfaction. We value each of our clients individually and know that every business has unique needs. You’ll see this reflected in our flexibility with terms and leases, our customizable floor plans, and our steadfast availability.


Professional & Flex Space

Soak up the Montana landscapes in our Professional and Flex spaces. Our offices offer 180 degree scenic views, open floor plans that allow creativity to breathe, and spaces to promote collaboration between team members. This office offers the perfect environment for businesses looking for something different than anywhere else in town.


Flex Space

Coming in spring 2019, our flex spaces are for the professional craftsman that wants to live inspired but knows the best work comes from a good workspace. Our flex spaces offer tradesmen the kind of structure that ensures productivity without sacrificing the beauty of Montana that can jumpstart your creativity.

Our Partners

Meet the team behind the team. Our partners are comprised of Bozeman’s brightest businesses who work hard to bring you an incredible product. This team is led by Viking Real Estate Development Partners, a national development group with decades of experience. They specialize in the development and management of uniquely designed, small to medium-sized commercial properties with a focus on you. Viking is a long-term holder of properties delivering stable management and operations of each property.  More times than not, Viking is a neighbor, leasing space in each project, side-by-side with our greatest assets, you – our tenants.